If you see no reason for giving thanks,
The fault lies only in yourself.

Those wise words are from a poem written by Chief Tecumseh, a Native American leader of the Shawnee. The entire piece is well worth your time, but those two simple lines stand out as an especially powerful reminder this time of year that we all have something to be thankful for.

And I do mean all of us.

Simply by virtue of being in a position to sit in front of a computer or smartphone and read a blog, you are incredibly fortunate-you undoubtedly have it better than pretty much everyone alive when Tecumseh wrote his poem.

You may not like your job, your body fat percentage, or your President, but you certainly have plenty to be thankful for.

If for some reason you cannot find anything, look within and change some things until you do.

(And sure, I know you can’t always change things like who the President is, but you absolutely decide how much you let it affect your life).