Professional Experience

Director of Operations and HR 2012-Present

King of Pops is an Atlanta-based maker of handcrafted, gourmet popsicles. Conceived by two brothers overlooking the beach in Central America, we have grown from a single push cart in 2008 to more than 200 employees across 6 states today. I was the one that told the founders the name was cheesy as the considered launching the business, but they let me join up in 2011 anyway. 

  • •Brought on to improve create our catering processes, I more than doubled revenue in each of the first two years I held that role.
  • •Today I oversee the day-to-day operations of the entire company (250+ employees across 6 states).
  • •I also lead the People Department, responsible for HR, teaching and culture building.
  • •I consistently work twice as many hours as I ever did in your typical corporate gig, but I am consistently twice as happy as well.


Sales Representative 2011-2012

Listen360 is a SaaS company based in Atlanta, GA that offers customer feedback solutions based on the Net Promoter Score methodology (think surveys, only shorter and cooler). Launched in 2007, I came on board in 2010 as a junior sales rep. I did a lot more than just run demos-but I also did a lot of demos.

  • •Your basic road-warrior, I represented Listen360 at tradeshows in Atlanta, Denver, Dallas and Las Vegas.
  • •Honed my software demo chops and learned more than I thought possible about customer satisfaction, business retention, and Net Promoter Score.
  • •When the opportunity to leave for a position at King of Pops came about, I helped transition two prospective customers to closure during transition out of position. Only regret: there was no bell to ring at my desk once deals closed. 


Six Sigma Black Belt 2004-2011

Textron is a conglamerate that you have probably never heard of, but you probably have heard of some to the companies it owns. Cessna Aircraft. Bell Hellicopter. E-Z-G0 Golf Carts. I worked for the financial services arm of this giant, first as a field rep and then worked my way up to Six Sigma Black Belt (which is a fancy way of saying process improvement consultant).

  • •As part of the Six Sigma role, I delivered more than 200 hours of corporate training and had some of the best classroom evaluation scores in the company. 
  • •I closed projects that resulted in more than $1.5 million in hard savings to the company.
  • •I learned a lot about what it meant to work at a large corporation lined with cubicles (some of it good, some of it bad) and came out a more professional, well-rounded person for the experience. 


Substitute Teacher 2003-2004

Nashville just so happens to be the city where I was born, but I had not been back there for 20 years when I decided to move there in 2003. It was the kind of move you do when you are 23 and don't have a plan (nor a worry in the world). I was fortunate to land a job as a substitute teacher with the public school system. 

  • •Responsible for a classroom of kids ranging anywhere from Kindergarten to High School seniors. 
  • •Was able to get a few long-term assignments thanks to the detailed daily reports I got in the habit of leaving.
  • •Gained immense respect for real teachers (the most thankless, important job there is). 

Reporter 2002-2003

The Union-Recorder is a daily newspaper in Milledgeville, GA. Its claim to fame is that it is the states oldest continually published paper. Despite note having a journalism degree, I applied to more than 100 newspapers after I graduated college and this the only one that wrote me back. I accepted an offer in 2002 and was assigned to the city government beat. 

  • •Wrote daily articles about everything from a nearby cult that had been recently broken up by the GBI to the haunted house that I unknowingly rented when I moved there. 
  • •Was put on "Most Wanted List" by above referenced cult.
  • •Will never forget the thrill of seeing name in print each morning, no matter how small our circulation.


Training & Development

More than a decade of experience teaching and training employees. Not because I like to hear myself talk, but because I believe I have a unique ability to reach adult learners.

Process Improvement
A certified Six Sigma Black Belt, I enjoy improving processes and creating new ones. A student of the Toyota Lean Methodology, I always aim to add value to an operation by removing anything that the customer wouldn't pay for (aka waste).
Sales Management
I've done the whole sales thing (saas first, then popsicles) and have learned what it takes to lead a diverse and growing sales team.
Culture Building
Having worked in two startups, I have seen firsthand what it takes to build a culture. Real talk? This means hiring, firing, training and rewarding based on a set of REAL core values.
Project Completion
Talk is cheap. I finish what I start and do what I say I am going to do. (Note-I believe this is probably more important than anything else on this or any other resume).
Servant Leadership
I believe in a philosophy that true leadership enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.


Centerville Elementary

Graduated 1991

Won class spelling bee in 3rd grade (final word: squirrel)

Got kiss from prettiest girl at school (Brionne Gordon)


Shiloh High School

Graduated 1998

Mr. Senior Class (awarded to most popular non-drinker)

12th Man on Varsity Basketball Team (Final record: 4-20)


University of Georgia

B.B.A Marketing 2002

Impressionable 18 year old that changed majors 5 times

Skated by on above average smarts to an almost 3.0 GPA


University of Georgia

M.Ed. HR and OD 2011

Training and development specialization

Worked butt off this time, earning a 4.0